Best Serverless Platforms to Watch out for the Year 2021



Best Serverless Platforms to Watch out for the Year 2021

February 13, 2021


Best Serverless Platforms to Watch out for the Year 2021

Organizations of all levels are starting making their switch if they haven’t already to serverless by offloading server management and replacing traditional cloud-based or server-centric infrastructure.

Chances are, you are thinking or on the fence about migrating an existing or new project and here we have compiled the best serverless platform which you should be looking at for your serverless transformation.

What is a Serverless Platform?

Serverless platforms allow us to build serverless applications with ease by providing an abstraction on top of underlying Serverless infrastructure and creating a great developer experience by providing tailor-made tooling.

Key Benefits of going serverless

Excellent flexibility and accelerated innovation Fast deployment speed Reducing architecture costs Focus more on UI/UX Auto-scaling nature Low-cost compared to the traditional cloud.

Now that’s off the board, let’s look into some of the best companies making strides in serverless space.



In a short span of one year in the serverless space, Vendia has made a massive leap with their ability to manage distributed transactions.

Vendia provides multi-cloud services that make it easy for organizations to share real-time data and code across clouds, companies, and regions for data integration, financial settlement, ML training, transaction processing, and supply chain management applications.

Dr Tim Wagner founded Vendia, formerly General Manager and creator of AWS Lambda at AWS, and Shruthi Rao, formerly Head of Business Development for Amazon Managed Blockchain at AWS. The company is based in San Francisco and has raised $20.6M (source) in funding led by BMW Capital, Canvas Ventures, Neotribe Ventures, Sorenson Capital, and other leading investors.

Vendia is now on course to fast-tracking it’s go-to-market strategies, opening new sales channels, and expanding the engineering team to further extend the Vendia platform to additional cloud service providers, including Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud. Features:

Deploy production-grade distributed apps in five minutes Scales to hundreds of thousands of transactions with zero effort - scale when in need. 100% Serverless implementation eliminates the IT burden.

Learn more about Vendia, and it’s features - Vendia Share.



Nimbella allows developers to build cloud applications that are easy to manage, modify, debug and monitor. Designed specifically to address the challenges developers face in adopting a serverless computing model.

Founded by Anshu Agarwal - CEO, Eric Swildens - Chief Architect and Rodric Rabbah - CTO and raised $4 million in the seed round (source).

There is little doubt that serverless is radically changing the way developers will develop cloud applications. For the enterprise developers that have already taken notice, they’ve realised dramatic gains in agility, focus, and costs. Smaller teams can deliver large-scale distributed applications faster and more securely than ever before.

Nimbella’s primary focus is on facilitating the widespread adoption of this computing paradigm and delivering a serverless cloud with a beautiful developer experience.


Seamless adoption, migration and delivery - Nimbella hides all cloud complexities so you can focus on value creation. Native application support state - Real-world examples need storage. Nimbella has got you covered. Flexibility with cloud deployment - Run in Nimbella’s cloud as a hosted service or on your private cloud.

Get started for free today with Nimbella.



TriggerMesh believes developers will increasingly build applications as a mesh of cloud-native functions and services from multiple cloud providers and on-premises. Founded by Mark Hinkle, Sebastien Goasguen and Christopher Baumbauer Triggermesh had raised a total of $3M in funding (source) by this time last year in their 1st seed round.

TriggerMesh is the first product that leverages Kubernetes and Knative to provide application integration across clouds and on-premises. With TriggerMesh, you can automate enterprise workflows by connecting applications, cloud services, and serverless functions. Cloud-native applications are becoming more popular. As a result, the number of functions hosted across disparate cloud infrastructure is increasing. TriggerMesh breaks down cloud silos to provide true cross-cloud portability and interoperability.

Features: Connect Cloud Services - Ingest cloud events to trigger serverless functions in the cloud or your data centre. Build Event-Driven Applications - Ingest cloud events to trigger serverless functions in the cloud or your data centre. Break Out of Cloud Silos - Use events from Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Red Hat, and other clouds or within your data centre. Code More, Manage Less - Serverless Trigger functions by point and clicks and integrates events from any infrastructure.

Learn more about TriggerMesh



Koyeb is building a next-generation serverless platform to run event-driven applications across clouds and edges. Koyeb, founded by Yann Léger - CEO, Édouard Bonlieu - CPO and Bastien Chatelard - CTO. Koyeb raised a total of $1.6M in funding over 1 round in October last year (source).

They provide strong primitives for data processing focusing on the developer experience by building a platform to fuel the various data pipelines of the cloud-native era (distribution, AI, IoT, and analytics to name a few) without losing control.

Primary cloud infrastructure services are now a commodity; cloud computing and storage are now behind nearly all online platforms built in the last decade. As pioneers in serverless solutions for the cloud-native era, Koyeb is committed to making the industry’s first cloud platform dedicated to conducting serverless data-processing across multiple cloud service providers and aiming to remove operational complexity, vendor lock-in with a flexible serverless technology designed for multi-cloud environments.

Features: Observability - Always know what is happening in your processing pipeline with the event streams and function logs. Autoscaling - Do not worry about load surge. We dynamically scale the infrastructure according to your traffic. Push to deploy - Each time you push, the automated build system triggers and your Stack will be deployed globally. Multi-cloud - Koybe runs on top of several cloud providers, and you can decide with who you work. Serverless - No servers to provision, manage or upgrade. Simply design your workflows, we take care of the rest.

Learn more about Koyeb’s features.

Lightbend - Akka Serverless Platform

Akka Serverless

Akka Serverless combines the scalability, responsiveness, and cost benefits of serverless infrastructure with stateful services’ business-critical data management into one platform.

Akka Serverless will focus on the care of the back-end complexities, freeing your teams to entirely focus on the business logic in support of business-critical initiatives instead of worrying about the underlying application architecture, data storage or infrastructure. Further accelerate time-to-value with microservices that are resilient to failure, highly efficient, operate at any scale and the highest possible speed regardless of conditions.


A New Data-centric API Paradigm - Data delivered to services automatically as needed. Eliminates the limitations of FaaS. Easy to build - Development environments and languages teams already know and use.

Learn more about Lightbend - Akka Serverless.



EDJX - A distributed edge computing platform and decentralised peer to peer marketplace.

Created to meet the exponential demand growth for data processing that will serve trillions of mobile, IoT, Web 3.0, and personal devices at the edge, co-founded by James Thomason and John Cowan. Since its inception, EDJX has raised a total of $21.7M in funding over four rounds (source).

EDJX is leading the revolution for real-world edge computing applications, including industrial IoT, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, and robotics.

Features: Lightning quick execution of serverless functions with cold start times less than 50ms. Simple web console, API, and CLI make serverless administration a snap. Serverless functions are stored on ledger and validated on each invocation. The EDJX platform scales automatically to manage traffic bursts. Users and connected things are directed to the closest edge server automatically.

Serverless DB is another product offering put forward by EDJX. Serverless DB helps you in creating low-latency responsive apps without managing databases and replicas. EDJX’s peer-to-peer, distributed database provides high-performance key-value storage at the network edge while ensuring global replication with eventual consistency.

Conclusion Serverless platforms are always equivalently changing and evolving to keep the synergy flowing with the latest infrastructure and applications requirements. There’s a wide array of serverless platforms available for every use case you can think of, and it’s essential to have a solid understanding of your options to make the right decision that fits your project and your bill.

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