Demystifying Serverless Security on AWS

13th Oct, 202110:00 AM CST | 8:30 PM IST | 3:00 PM GMT

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Serverless is one of the rapidly accelerating disruptive technologies. Serverless computing abstracts application infrastructure management to the highest level so that we can put all the energy into the business logic. One of the fussy things about serverless is the security aspect. Since there is a higher level of infrastructure abstraction, where and how do we configure the security? In this webinar, we are looking at some of the ways to increase your serverless application security. We will be talking about services like XRAY, WAF, IAM, Shield, Secrets and Parameter Store, Database Security, SSO, Cross account management, and how they play a major role in safeguarding your application.

Talking points

  • Possible Attack Vectors for Serverless Application.
  • Security Best Practices to be considered while building serverless applications on AWS.
  • Managing and Storing Credentials required for the application.
  • Additional AWS Services that help in securing the applications against common vulnerabilities.
  • Understanding and implementing the least privilege principle.
  • Using Pipelines to deploy resources securely.



Sandeep Kumar P

Engineering Manager,


Vishwasa Navada K

Engineering Manager,,
AWS Community Builder