Building Serverless RBAC Middleware for GraphQL Services

15th Sep, 202110:00 AM CST | 8:30 PM IST | 3:00 PM GMT

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Learn to Build a RBAC middleware for any GraphQL server using express-graphql-proxy.

There are services that provide GraphQL endpoints over http leaving the developer to come up with their own mechanism for authorisation and controlling permission for the access of resources. This library helps in bootstrapping a middleware proxy server that makes it easy to implement RBAC without losing the fun in using GraphQL from the client.

Talking points

  • Basic information about GraphQL and its use cases.
  • What is RBAC?
  • Challenges in using GraphQL services without in-built RBAC.
  • Explore Possible solutions.
  • Building a sample application with “express-graphql-proxy”.


Aswin R

Aswin R

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Rahul Sawant

Rahul Sawant

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