Vendia Partnership Announcement!



Vendia Partnership Announcement!

March 10, 2021


Vendia Partnership Announcement!

We are so thrilled to announce our new partnership with Vendia in the Serverless Space!

A dawn of new possibilities arises with our new partnership with Vendia, a serverless, distributed data and code sharing platform. Vendia and AntStack will collaborate to accelerate customer adoption by onboarding new Vendia Share™ customers across enterprise, SMB, and startup segments.

About Vendia:

Vendia was founded by Shruthi Rao, formerly Head of Business Development for Blockchain at AWS, and Dr Tim Wagner, formerly General Manager and creator of Lambda at AWS, and recently raised an additional $15.5M Series A. Vendia previously raised $5.1M in its seed funding 6 months prior.

Data silos are widespread within companies, and sharing that data in real-time with external partners is even more demanding. Vendia makes sharing real-time data and code with partners easy and organized, at any scale, by bringing serverless and distributed ledger concepts together into a simple, schema-driven development approach.

We are so excited to be on this journey for a cloud-first and make serverless limitless.

For more information about Vendia, please visit:

Antstack Blog Post
Antstack Blog Post

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